Ivy Group of Companies

Ivy Group is a famous group company based in Saharanpur, India, which is known for its effective pharmaceutical products in India as well as international markets. It produces health care products under the name IVY and its presence spread all across India. All its products are sold in 11 countries across the world. Our goal is to be one of the worlds most innovative, best performing and trusted healthcare companies. Under this group, three reputed companies are working which are:

1) IVY Healthcare is a reputed manufacturing unit of Allopathic Medicines including Allopathic Capsules, Allopathic Tablets, Allopathic Syrups and Sanitizers etc.
IVY Healthcare manufactured Veterinary Products also in form Bolus, tablets, Suspensions, Powders, liquids etc.  IVY Healthcare and its products are considered a milestone in the progress of the Veterinary field. IVY Healthcare is a leading pharmaceutical formulation development, manufacturing, and marketing company. IVY Healthcare is totally committed to fulfill the unmet medical and societal needs through a large pharmaceutical value chain sprawling across the India.

2) IVY Herbals holds reputation in the global market for producing several types of Herbal Medicines like Herbal Hair Oil, Herbal Diabetes Powder, Ayurvedic Health Care Products, ED Booster Capsules and Herbal Ointment Formulations. It also meets market demands for veterinary products including feed supplements, oral calcium, uterine tonic, liver tonic, vitamins liquid all feed supplement boluses, tablets & powder etc. IVY Herbals has a very wide range of products, which include pharmaceuticals, personal care, nutrition and animal health products. The Aloe Vera Face Wash is one of their most popular and well known products.  The company has a presence in 11 countries.

3) IVY Nutraceuticals is a renowned company of the Nutraceutical Medicines market it serves several types of Weight Loss & Muscle Gain Supplements, Protein Powder and Food Supplements.

About Us

Pharmaceutical sector is one of the most crucial segments all over the world because with every passing day, the demands of medicines are rapidly increasing in the market. We, Ivy Group are totally committed towards providing effective Allopathic Medicines, Herbal Products and Nutraceutical Products to the healthcare industry by making optimum use of our experience and expertise. Ivy Group is not only the entity of its words but an organization which is beyond everyone’s expectations. With the commitment of serving the best, we become a top pharmaceutical company in Indian as well as international markets. We being a responsible manufacturer and exporter, never compromise when it comes to the quality of our products because we very well understand that our medicines are used for the well-being of the people. Equipped with latest technology and world-class machinery, we keep improving the quality of our products as it is necessary to stay ahead in the competition. For catering the large scale product’s demand of the market, our group company is also operating as a Third Party Manufacturer.

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Our Group 

As a Group of product manufacturing firm, we adopt extra caution while hiring people to work for us. Only leading therapists certified Allopathic, Herbal  and Veterinary doctors and seasoned product testing experts are included in our core team. Their specialized knowledge related to dietary plans, herbal remedies and Allopathic medicines, abundant experience in this field and zeal to serve people without personal gains is what keeps us going as a client centric company. Personal profits are sidelined in all activities and a mission of “Seva” percolates throughout our business, thanks to our team members. With their constant support, we bring forward Herbal Products, Allopathic Medicines and Nutraceutical Products which provide fast relief and help one avoid painkillers and harmful steroids.

Why Choose Us?

Our sound foundation is attributable to the following:
  • Only professionals having highest expert level knowledge are included in our team
  • Highest established standards of the Pharma industry are followed during product formulation, testing and packaging
  • We keep a watch on our delivery schedules and strictly follow a No Delay Policy

Our Facilities

To efficiently do business tasks, we have developed a sound facility. Certified herbal products are prepared round the clock at this facility employing leading edge production techniques and automated machinery. Any form of botanical extract or herbs used for preparing  Allopathic Medicines, Herbal Products and Nutraceutical Products has to go through a round of checks before being approved for use. Besides, all operations related to raw material blending, crushing, product mixing, filling and labeling are monitored for compliance. Proper documentation is maintained and periodic audits are conducted to ensure we always stay at the forefront of our field.

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